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Explore endless possibilities for higher education in Dubai. Study in world-class universities, immerse in a multicultural environment, and unlock your potential. Discover scholarships, vibrant student life, and career prospects. Dubai awaits Bangladeshi students with open arms. Begin your transformative journey today.

Why Dubai?

Dubai, a global city of innovation and opportunity, beckons with its iconic skyline, diverse culture, and thriving economy. Experience world-class education, multiculturalism, and cutting-edge infrastructure. From prestigious universities to dynamic industries, Dubai offers a vibrant blend of academic excellence and career prospects. Embrace the allure of this cosmopolitan hub, where tradition meets modernity, and create an unforgettable educational journey in the heart of the UAE.

  1. Diverse Student Community
  2. International Faculty
  3. Global Rankings and Accreditation
  4. English as Instruction Language
  5. Modern Facilities and Resources
  6. Industry Connections and Internship Opportunities
  7. Global Career Opportunities
  8. Safe and Welcoming Environment

Dubai is known for its safety and welcoming nature towards international students. The city's commitment to providing a secure environment ensures peace of mind for students pursuing their studies.

Dubai's universities attract students from all around the world, creating a diverse and multicultural student body. Interacting with peers from different countries and backgrounds enriches the learning experience and fosters cross-cultural understanding.


The average cost of studying in the UK is less than that of the USA and Australia, offering students good value for their money.

Nevertheless, it is important to think carefully before investing a substantial quantity in your education. The type of budget you will require to study in the UK is described in more depth below.

Course Tuition Fees
Undergraduate GBP 10,000 - GBP 38,000
Postgraduate GBP 12,000 - GBP 45,000

Dubai's universities often have a mix of local and international faculty members, bringing diverse perspectives and expertise to the classroom. Learning from professors with global experience can provide valuable insights and a broader understanding of the subject matter.

Many universities in Dubai have achieved international recognition and accreditation, ensuring that the education provided meets global standards. This recognition enhances the value of the degree obtained and can open doors to global career opportunities.

Dubai's strong connections to various industries offer students opportunities for internships and practical work experience. Engaging with the vibrant business community and gaining industry exposure can significantly enhance future career prospects.

Dubai's status as a global business and economic hub provides international students with access to a wide range of career opportunities. The city's thriving industries and multinational companies offer potential employment options and networking possibilities.

Dubai offers post-study work opportunities to international students upon completion of their studies. The Dubai post-study work permit allows graduates to work and gain valuable professional experience in the city. The duration of the work permit varies depending on the level of qualification obtained. It provides an excellent opportunity for graduates to apply their skills, contribute to the local workforce, and potentially secure long-term employment in Dubai. The post-study work permit is a valuable bridge between education and career prospects, enhancing the overall appeal of studying in Dubai for international students.

Dubai does not offer a specific Permanent Residency (PR) program for international students. However, there are pathways to long-term residency and potential citizenship through employment, entrepreneurship, and investment opportunities in the UAE. The government has introduced various visa schemes, such as the Golden Visa and the Investor Visa, which provide extended residency and the possibility of obtaining long-term visas. These programs are designed to attract skilled professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs who contribute to the country's economic growth. Eligibility criteria and requirements vary, so it is advisable to consult with relevant immigration authorities or seek professional advice for detailed information on residency options in Duba

Scholarships In Dubai


Provides financial support to exceptional students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies at Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Offers scholarships to high-achieving students enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate programs at universities within the Dubai International Academic City.

Many universities in Dubai have their own scholarship programs that provide financial assistance to international students. These scholarships may vary in terms of eligibility criteria, scholarship amount, and application process.

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