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Serving the students is our priority. We emphasize on their career prospect. We try to keep in mind about their interest, merit, and competence. We never advertise for an institution or scholarship just to gain money. Our counselors will always focus on for the bright future of the students. We treat our work as a service to the society. We are driven by ethical norms, and always stay transparent. We don’t take any file opening charge and there is no hidden charges at all. We uphold our promise that “NO VISA, NO FEE”.

Our Main Services

We have a huge amount of services for your better carrer. But, Mainly focused on

  • Career Counseling – we encourage learning and growth
  • Study Abroad – we encourage learning and growth
  • IELTS, HSK & GRE – education is a right not a privilege

If you prefer to study in your own time and at your own speed then one of our e-learning packages may be right up your street. During this pandemic we’re offering huge discount on IELTS online programs & Books.

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We take comprehensive approach to suggest a better career path for you. We take consideration of your academic competence, family need, and financial stability to come up with our recommendations. We will recommend such scholarships, institutions, programs, countries, and cities which most probably may optimize your capabilities, and may present suitable opportunities for you. Clients are our priority. We always carefully listen to our clients. We always prudently suggest them better opportunities. We always caution them if there is any challenge in their decision. Their bright future is our valuable achievement.

The availability of scholarships, cost of living, work opportunities, and ease of obtaining a visa are the most important factors for Bangladeshi students when choosing a university. Course selection is also important because it can help students focus their interests and learn more about a field they’re interested in studying in university. One important part of our counseling process is ensuring that students are taking the proper courses that match their academic ability, interests, and ultimately their career goals.

We have comprehensive research on the visa requirements and prepare the pertinent documents very carefully.  We understand the importance of this process. Some students got rejected because of not following the documents accordingly. However, we do not have such experience for our meticulous dedication.

Most of our clients got full scholarships in the previous years. We are very experienced in such field. Our aim is to help students getting scholarship from different sources and getting waivers from the university. We try our level best to apply for such opportunities. We assist the students to apply following the standard procedures. We even have IELTS crush course program to prepare our students to maximize their opportunities.

We communicate with authority to arrange inexpensive and comfortable accommodation facility for our clients. Sometimes, students cannot concentrate on their study because of unsuitable accommodation environment. We try to solve this situation in advance.

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Students Feedback

Bonium Shikder


I got CSC scholarship in South China University of Technology . They treat u like their own family not like a random customer. I highly recommend them

Sadun Mahmud


They are honest and dedicated to their work. Most importantly they treated me as a family member. I highly recommend FICC for study abroad purposes.

Ammar Bin Halim


I have got CSC (Chinese scholarship council) scholarship which is given by Chinese government through FICC. They are very friendly and helpful indeed!

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