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Farees International Career Counseling (FICC) is looking for marketers to work as affiliate marketers for FICC. FICC is a leading provider of career counseling services in the Dhaka, Bangladesh. We offer a wide range of services, including career assessment, resume writing, interview grooming, VISA Application, and Study Abroad assistance. We are looking for marketers who are passionate about helping people achieve their career goals.

As a FICC agent, you will be responsible for providing career counseling services to our clients. You will work with clients to assess their skills and interests, develop a career plan, and study abroad. You will also provide support and guidance throughout the VISA application Process.


Farees International Career Counseling provides a very great friendly environment to its Affiliate marketers. It gives a very attractive commission for every student file FICC receives through individual marketers.

Affiliate Marketers will get access to a huge database of Global Educational Information including the information on subjects, tuition fees, semesters, and costs of top Universities and Colleges of different countries all over the world.

Farees International Career Counseling – FICC Technical and Application Team provides 24/7 informational and technical support to affiliate marketers.

FICC arranges training sessions on working procedures, marketing updates, and other tricks every week.

if any marketer fulfills his/her target in a certain time then FICC Rewards his/her progress with gifts and prizes.

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