Why China?

Situated in East Asia, it is the top country with the highest population in the world. It shares the boundary with Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Vietnam and others. China is recognized as the production house of the world. ‘Made in China’ became a most used phrase. Beijing is the capital and its largest cities include Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, and Shenzhen.

Chinese universities are increasingly gaining a strong foothold in the world’s top universities ranking. Chinese government increased the funding to develop educational institutions and facilities. Not only their libraries but also their physical training centers and stadiums are well developed and well equipped. The business studies students can get practical knowledge from Chinese companies, and the Science students can get advanced resources to get experimental knowledge.

China became a popular destination for international students. Because of huge investments from the government and non-government sources, Chinese institutions now offer competitive international standard education. They use advanced technologies, modern library facilities, and well-equipped physical exercise centers to train the students.

Although China lagged behind in higher education a decade ago, however, like its infrastructural development, its educational sector also achieved great progress in the international arena. China is one of the top countries relating to an investment in the R&D sector. That’s why China is also a leading country in scientific innovations.


The living standard in Chinese megacities is remarkable. Tuition and accommodation costs are cheaper. There are many government and university scholarships for meritorious students.

Chinese institutions offer many English taught programs and courses, and also there is a wide range of Chinese taught programs. These programs are practical life-oriented that train a student for a competitive job market.

Chinese institutions greatly emphasize experimental science. Research facilities are up-to-date, and recognition and reward for innovation are higher in China. International students can surely be benefited from such a setup.

Chinese institutions have newly built modern library facilities. The students like to study in the library. Chinese students regularly go to the library, this environment may increase the habit of library-going for the international students.

Although part time job is not allowed, but many students teach Chinese kids, and some even have jobs under different companies. Chinese to English translation jobs are available on a regular basis.

China is a production hub that enables to get good quality products at a cheaper price. Moreover, there are many international expos take place in different Chinese cities. Many international students are involved in business activities. Some of the students take this as their career development.

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Tution Fees

Course Fee per semester
Business 1500 – 2200 USD
Engineering 1600 – 3000 USD
Arts 1500 – 2500 USD
General medicine 2600 – 4000 USD
Science 1700 – 2500 USD
Course Fee per semester
Business 1600 – 2500 USD
Engineering 1700 – 2600 USD
Arts 1500 – 2000 USD
Law 1600 – 2700 USD
Science 1700 – 2700 USD

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